FAQ Page


What is the difference between Basic and Df versions?

Basic has a front cover, but it is not dustfree. Whereas DF versions are dustfree.

Are the display cubes dustfree?

Only DF versions are dustfree, not for basic version.

Do the displays have front cover?

Yes all has front cover.

Can the frame be changed to other colours other than black?

The frames can only be in anodised black or silver.

Can the display be wall mounted?

We will only advice to wall mount the DF xSmall and DF small version.

How many could the display cubes be stacked?

You could stack up to maximum 4 up. Any stack more than 3 up should be wall mounted.

How are the front panels mounted?

The front panels are using magnets with one screw to secure.

How are the displays secured when stacked?

You have to purchase a pair of vertical stack mount to secure the display together.

How many LEDs spotlight can be placed in a display cube?

You could install as many as you wish, just inform us during ordering.

Can i customize the position of the spotlights?

Yes can be done, please write the position briefly when placing order